An introduction

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Greetings, blogland! Allow me to introduce you to the Crafty Sisterhood. The sisterhood consists of three actual sisters: me (Wendy), Sarah and Lisa (aka 6birds2feed). Yes, Lisa does actually have 6 kids! 3 girls and 3 boys, to be precise. I have 2 girls, and Sarah just had her first child, a daughter, in December.

In addition to all being moms, we all LOVE to create things! Lisa is an expert scrapbooker, and lately has been making the coolest things from felt. Sarah's latest creations are altered onesies, such as adding a ruffle or three on the butt or putting a skirt on it from the cutest fabric. I'm currently working on a quilt, and just yesterday made an apron for my 2 year old. In other words, we're dabblers. And we're here to share our dabbling with you!


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