Another bag!

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I made this the other day:
This is the Phoebe bag, available here, for FREE! Thanks, artsy crafty babe, for an awesome pattern! It was super easy to put together. I used Amy Butler fabrics (again, I know. There was a sale, what can I say?). This time I paid attention to where the pattern piece was cut from the fabric to get the best effect. The fabric pattern runs vertically here, which is not how it comes off the bolt. So instead of using the fold that the fabric already has, I folded it the other way when placing the pattern piece on it. I also made sure to place the flap on a section that emphasized the orange.
The only change I made was to use a velcro closure with a decorative button and flower, instead of the magnetic button clasp the pattern calls for. I made this as a gift for a friend's daughter on her 6th birthday. Of course I tucked some money in the pocket on the inside!


Susan said...

That's Awesome! Nice work! I love the fabric coord. of the interior vs. exterior.

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