Green Projects

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So I have been trying to green up my life a little lately and have found that repurposing things I already have can be a lot of fun and very inexpensive! I received a few hand me downs for my daughter that I otherwise would not have used. I have also found some inexpensive things (like onsies) in the dollar bins at Target and have raided my goodwill pile.

This onsie was cute but did not go with anything I had! It is such a busy pattern already and I thought it would be hard to find some thing just right so I added a few strips of gathered fabric and created ruffles on the butt. I think it needs more ruffles but here it is so far.

This cute dress was also once a simple onsie. I just cut it in half, added a skirt and cute little flower to tie it all together.

I will be doing more of these simple little projects and posting tutorials as well!

I know, I know you can't wait!


Wendy said...

Adorable! I thought you had sewn the skirt onto the onesie without cutting the onesie. Either way, I like it!

Lisa and Wendy's mom said...

Very clever, Sarah. I'm sure Sage looks adorable.

2sisters said...

They both turned out great! How fun to be ableo to make something new and repurpose something else. I'm always jealous of people who can sew.

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