D is for Dear Friend

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I made this recently:

It's the smaller version of the portfolio I made earlier. Both patterns are available in the same download. I made this one to give to a friend whose last name begins with D. Not sure what she'll use it for, maybe grocery coupons or something like that. It has two small pockets on the inside. Guess who designed the fabric?

I didn't use the Cricut to make the applique this time. I've come to the conclusion that it's too much of a pain to put the actual fabric through the machine. Instead, I cut out whatever shape I want out of nice, thick card stock and use it as a template. Old school (sort of), but much easier in the end. Plus, it means I can use whatever shapes I want since it will work with both cartridges AND Sure Cuts a Lot, the software that I bought to use with the Cricut. I found that I couldn't cut fabric using Sure Cuts a Lot, since the software specifies the speed setting on the Cricut for cutting, and it wasn't slow enough. I'll write more about Sure Cuts a Lot someday.


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