Remember that sneak peek I gave you?

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Ta da! I think it turned out really cute!
The pattern doesn't call for the lining fabric to be used for the handle or the piping on the outside, but I think it looks better this way. Striped fabric on the bias (for the piping) is adorable! I kind of wish I'd done the handles on the bias, too. I think this fabric pattern fits the style of the bag really well.

The bag is a great size... big, but not TOO big. There were definitely things I would do differently next time. Check out my review on for the minutia.

So, do you want one? They still have a ton of this fabric available on clearance!


Susan said...

I totally agree with you about the lining fabric for the strap & piping. I love this fabric AND the bag. You can make me one if you want... Just add a longer strap for a fat girl shoulder fit ;-) Just tell me what the materials cost, so I can get you some cash to buy 'em.

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