What kind of sister would I be?

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If I didn't make a bag for my sister?!

For Lisa, we have the lush pink paisley with coordinating stripe:Isn't it gorgeous? I love, love, love paisleys, and this one is particularly awesome, in my humble opinion. Here's a view of the inside:
The best part? On super duper clearance at Hancock a couple of weeks ago. Normally around $20 a yard, I got it for less than $5 per yard!

I made a few changes from the original pattern. Like before, I used the lining fabric for the piping and handles. This time I cut the handles on the bias, too, so that they have that barber pole effect. I didn't put piping around the bottom of the bag this time. It made it so hard to sew on the previous bag. I made sure to leave piping "tails" on the sides so that I could use them to plug the holes left in the corners. That worked even better than I had hoped! This time I also used heavier interfacing than the pattern calls for. I like how it makes the bag stand up on its own a little bit more. Unfortunately, it made the handles a bit more stiff than I'd like, though Lisa may find it works for her. I also didn't think it needs to be that heavy in the zipper area, either. Next time I'll use a mix of the heavy and light interfacing to get the best result. Final bonus addition: pockets on the outside, in between the handles. Perfect for the grocery list, boarding pass or parking ticket!

Oh, and note to self: remember to unzip the zipper before you sew on the bottom of the bag. Trying to unzip one from the wrong side is a pain in the ass!

Coming soon: Sarah's adorable polka dot bag!


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