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I recently went to a local consignment sale that happens twice a year. In a word, it is awesome. There is anything and everything you could possibly need for your kids, and most of it is very high quality. Because it's consignment, people get to set their own price, so you have to look carefully to find the best deal. But when you do! Jeans for $1, anyone? That's what I'm sayin'!

Why do I bring this up? Because this year, I showed great restraint and did not buy my daughter any summer dresses at all. I just couldn't justify it when I've got bins full of cute fabric, and I can get patterns on sale for around $1. I've made only 2 dresses so far, but this one is to die for:

The halter dress is from a Simplicity pattern, and it was so easy! And this picture doesn't do it justice. It looks less sack-like in person. Here's a shot of the back:
The dress is only 4 pieces of fabric, plus some elastic. There's a facing in the bodice, which next time I'll make a little longer. Love it! I can't wait for the weather to turn warmer so she can wear it all the time!


Stephanie said...

Those are too cute!

let me know when I can find THOSE at a consignment sale for a $1 ;) LOL

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